Live Webinar

The Power of Innovation in Talent Acquisition

Join our upcoming live webinar to discover how Laitram's TA team thrived when they were given the freedom to take control of their own processes.

May, 22
10:00 AM (CDT) | 17:00 PM (CEST)

Are you providing your Talent Acquisition teams with the tools they need to thrive?

Before Laitram revamped their recruiting strategy, their biggest obstacle was a rigid system which left users too straitjacketed to turn their ideas into reality. Instead of being able to take ownership of their process, recruiters were hampered by a complex protocol that required approval from multiple parties and the involvement of the IT department to implement any changes. Their teams never lacked ingenuity or imagination, but without the freedom of an intuitive solution it was impossible for them to fulfill their potential.

Join Megan DeVille and Allison Thomas as they explore the impact of empowering teams and take us on the inspiring journey of how they:

  • Overhauled a paper-based recruiting system to implement a multisolution TA platform
  • Designed a frictionless onboarding process to ensure new employees had a great first impression of the company
  • Enabled teams to take control of their own processes and be able to freely implement innovative changes
  • Built a top-notch recruiting experience for all parties, from candidates to recruiters to hiring managers

By reimagining their recruitment strategy Laitram were able to deliver some truly game-changing results.

Find out how you can do the same!


Megan DeVille

HRIS Analyst

Allison Thomas

Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Misha Chakrabarti

Product Marketing Specialist, Hiring Solutions

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