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Strategic HR In Action

Leaders & practitioners will share how they are leveraging technology to tackle some of the biggest talent challenges.

June 15
11:30 AM EDT | 17:30 PM CEST

Agenda for Mon – June 15 (times are expressed in US Eastern Time)

  • 11:30 am-11:40 am – MC Intro
  • 11:40 am-12:10 pm – Opening Remarks by Dimitri Boylan
  • 12:10 pm-12:50 pm – An Ecosystems of Skills: How Cisco is Hiring the Workforce of the Future

Join Jeremy Bloom, Manager – Talent Acquisition Operations to learn how Cisco created a talent network that revolves around the critical skills required to build the workforce of the future.

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  • 12:50 pm-1:30 pm – Micro-innovation On-the-fly: Laitram’s Culture of Continuous Improvement and Self Management

Join Megan DeVille, HRIS Analyst & Lori Neupert, HR Systems Manager, Laitram, to learn how can keep their system in a constant state of flux without losing control by leveraging the power of micro-innovations

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  • 1:30 pm-1:40 pm – Break
  • 1:40 pm-2:20 pm – Agile, Adaptable, Engaging: CBS Interactive’s TA Story

Despite shifting prioritization in the TA landscape, CBS Interactive is using Avature successfully, focusing on CRM, forms and data to ensure that the best talent in the industry remains engaged, even during these difficult times. Join Anastacia Flores, Sr. Director of Talent Aquisition, and Carolyn Bertsch, Technical Sourcer, to learn how they adapted so quickly and how Avature automation is helping them create talent pipelines they will be able to tap into as soon as their hiring engines can be put into full throttle once again.

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  • 2:20 pm-3:00 pm – How Agile Performance Management Can Empower a Workforce

Jenna Dobbins, Global Head of People Operations & Jessica Stoddard, Project Manager, Pontoon Solutions, will take you from when they ditched their paper-based system to creating a platform with built-in agile goal-setting and 360-degree feedback capabilities. They’ll also explain how dedicated portals empowered managers to perform key activities supporting their team by accessing key performance history and career aspirations across a centralized digital database. Walk away with top tips on how to improve performance management at your company and allow your talent to thrive.

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  • 3:00 pm-3:10 pm – Break
  • 3:10 pm-3:50 pm – Extreme Makeover L’Oreal Edition: Same Company, Shiny New Solution

L’Oréal implemented Avature back in 2015, with great success. However, their quest for talent and innovation is a game with no finishing line. And today’s unprecedented challenges demand new ideas and strategies. Join Assistant Vice President, Recruitment Intelligence, Edward Dias, to discover how data is guiding their decisions, as well as helping them understand the effects of the pandemic on their hiring efforts, and the key role their shiny new career site is playing in ensuring a great candidate experience even when human interaction is limited.

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  • 3:50 pm – 4:00 pm  MC Closing Remarks


Anastacia Flores

Sr. Director of Talent Acquisitoin

CBS Interactive

Carolyn Bertsch

Technical Sourcer

CBS Interactive

Edward Dias

Assistant Vice President / Recruitment Intelligence & Innovation


Jenna Dobbins

Global Head of People Operations

Pontoon Solutions

Jeremy Bloom

Manager - Talent Acquisition Operations


Jessica Stoddard

Project Manager

Pontoon Solutions

Lori Neupert

HR Systems & Payroll Manager


Megan DeVille

HRIS Analyst