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Meet the Speakers

Mike Brown

VP of Talent Acquisition


Agustin Donati

Director of Product Marketing


Organizations today face an unprecedented amount of change from all sides. Achieving the kind of innovation required to stay ahead in such times of flux makes finding and retaining the right people more important than ever. For this reason, HR is the cornerstone of your organization’s innovation and must be able to execute its strategy and vision to hire the best of the best and propel your company to success.

In this webinar, we will be joined by Mike Brown, VP of Talent Acquisition, Americas at Siemens and Agustín Donati, Director of Product Marketing of Avature, as they discuss how Siemens brings their HR vision to life. Discover the differentiating factors that separate talent strategy success from failure, and how this success depends on three key pillars: agility, end-to-end service delivery and engagement.

During the discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How the organization can address disruption and change, adapt processes and thrive.
  • The actual steps undertaken by Siemens—their challenges and lessons learned.
  • How to make sure things are on track, and which steps Siemens took to measure success on a weekly basis.
  • What aspects of technology are essential to consider when choosing a technology partner.