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Revamping Performance Management To Stay Agile

Find out how Pontoon Solutions improved the agility of their performance management program, and how this helped drive employee development and company success.

Nov. 20, 2019
11:00 AM EST | 17:00 PM CET

With many clear-cut benefits, such as greater employee productivity and lower staff turnover, it is no surprise that talent management is becoming an increasingly important cornerstone of today’s HR dialogue. But with so many companies falling short in this key business strategy, how can you maximize your A-list workforce to help drive your organization onto greater success?

When it comes to employee engagement it is safe to say that strategic HR consultants Pontoon Solutions are ahead of the curve. Recognizing the importance of a dynamic performance management vision, they undertook a number of bold steps to improve their approach: First by overhauling their disconnected paper-based system, then revamping their static processes to keep pace with a fast-moving and ever-changing labor force.

Tune in for our upcoming live webinar as Global Head of Human Resources, Terri Lewis, explains how Pontoon Solutions developed a program that will:

  • Enhance agile goal-setting in which objectives could be modified in real-time throughout the year
  • Facilitate 360-degree feedback so individuals can receive appraisals and recognition from peers as well as managers
  • Empower managers with a dedicated portal to perform key activities, and give access to comprehensive employee profiles, including performance history and career aspirations
  • Encourage active and regular check-ins between staff and managers
  • Unify employee performance information across a centralized digital database

This session promises to be jam-packed of top tips on how you improve performance management at your company, and give a platform to topmost talent to thrive.

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Terri Lewis

Global Head of Human Resources

Pamela Vannucci

Product Marketing Specialist

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