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Putting The Human Touch in Talent Engagement

Learn how Lockheed Martin harness outbound recruitment marketing methods to engage high-caliber talent.

Inbound recruitment marketing has long been invaluable in attracting active candidates and a cornerstone of a successful talent acquisition strategy. But in a hyper-competitive recruitment landscape, many organizations are harnessing outbound methods to engage passive talent pools.

Adopting such an approach can deliver a variety of benefits, such as showcasing your employer brand and cultivating meaningful relationships. However, the challenge is finding the sweet spot between automating these processes while providing a personalized, human touch.

This is exactly what Lockheed Martin have achieved, having developed an inspiring multi-layered strategy to engage with talent. At our upcoming live webinar, Talent Engagement Strategist Marvin Smith will share actionable tips on how you can:

  • Employ a “prospect-first” philosophy to better connect with target groups
  • Engage on a personal level when communicating with a large volume of individuals
  • Harness strategic email campaigns to cultivate fruitful and long-lasting relationships
  • Drive talent engagement over time via strategic drip campaigns
  • Craft multi-channel content that builds an inspiring employee brand by resonating with a wide audience
  • Leverage data analytics for forensic insight into the performance of campaigns

Sign up and leave the session with ideas to attract active and passive candidates alike.


Marvin Smith

Talent Engagement Strategist

Lina Hölker

Product Marketing Manager