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Live Webinar

One Platform, One Globally Aligned TA Strategy

Find out how Novo Nordisk aligned global teams with an easy-to-use centralized candidate system.

June 13
10:00 AM (CDT) | 17:00 PM (CEST)

As a supplier of almost half the world’s manufactured insulin, Novo Nordisk built an approach to recruitment that matched their standing as industry heavyweights. Fundamental to this was proactive engagement with top-tier talent, in which they leveraged Avature to better cultivate fruitful relationships with potential candidates.

Although this strategy was successful in communicating with high-caliber talent, without a centralized system in place, Novo Nordisk’s approach soon became haphazard. There was no way to accurately pipeline candidates, and sharing information was especially complicated across a worldwide network of locations. This made compliance with location-dependant regulations, such as GDPR, almost impossible.

In our live webinar, Hans Ubbe Ebbesenk and Ian Cadman of Novo Nordisk and Talent Collective respectively, give us a fascinating rundown of how they teamed up to:

  • Scale a global system that allowed sharing information accurately across multiple locations
  • Create a system to ringfence groups and ensure flawless regulation compliance
  • Cultivate fruitful relationships with top-tier talent via targeted email campaigning, intuitive candidate tagging and granular prospect pipelining
  • Improve the integrity of data to ensure high-quality, in-depth reporting on candidates

By creating a centralized TA system, Novo Nordisk and Talent Collective were able to improve the quality of reporting, while saving recruiters’ time and ensuring full compliance with regulations.

Find out how you can do the same!


Hans Ubbe Ebbesen

Director - Employer Brand Activation & Onboarding

Ian Cadman

CRM Implementation Lead

Lina Hölker

Product Marketing Manager, CRM Solutions

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