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How Pandora Hired Faster with Avature

Find out how Pandora staged a one-of-a-kind recruitment event and more than doubled their hiring forecasts.

May, 29
09:00 am (PDT)

When Pandora expanded its operations into Atlanta, GA, they entered a whole new world in terms of local engineering talent. Not only were they tasked with filling a large volume of highly-specialized vacancies, but they had to do so within a 7-week window while competing in a new and unknown recruitment landscape.

Facing the challenge, Pandora created a unique recruiting event, in which more than 200 high-caliber candidates were invited to learn more about potential job opportunities. This gave onsite hiring managers and recruiters the chance to interview and handpick 76 outstanding candidates in 2 days, and ultimately double their initial hiring forecasts.

Join our upcoming live webinar as Pandora recruitment experts, Anastacia Flores and Miryame Krogmeier give us a fascinating rundown on how the company:

  • Envisioned a pioneering recruitment event which was the foundation to hiring over 60 product and engineering candidates in 2018
  • Cultivated a database of local high-end talent that formed the foundation for targeted communications
  • Implemented an intuitive tag system that allowed recruiters to prioritize candidates and ensure best-in-class people were not overlooked
  • Engaged top-tier talent with specially crafted content and automated emails
  • Created in-depth reports that allowed all stakeholders to quickly ascertain the attendee figures for the recruitment event

If you’re looking to discover top tips on how to attract, engage and hire highly qualified talent in a short period of time, this is a webinar for you.


Anastacia Flores

Director of Recruiting Operations

Miryame Krogmeier

Senior Sourcer

Lina Hölker

Product Marketing Manager, CRM Solutions

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