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How Accenture Supercharged Contractor Staffing

Learn how Accenture’s new approach to the contingent workforce helped them staff more than 12,000 contractors across five years, saving an average of 20% on each.

Nov. 4 - 29, 2019

With contractors playing such a central role in the services they provide, Accenture began to consider the benefits of setting up an internal recruitment program dedicated to this important segment of the workforce, rather than relying solely on expensive agencies.

This new strategy was crucial as Accenture improved the way they engaged with high-caliber contingent talent, and also maximized recruiter productivity and reduced both staffing times and sourcing costs. The results only underline the success of the program as they staffed more than 12,000 contractors over a five-year period, at an average 20% saving on each.

Tune in as we host the video recording of Accenture’s presentation from this year’s US Avature Conference in which contingent staffing experts Christy Covington and Gregg Schneider explore how they:

  • Developed a dynamic, centralized talent marketplace that takes global recruiting differences into account, varying candidate experience according to location
  • Cultivated more direct and meaningful relationships with candidates which was previously impossible via agencies
  • Created an on-demand pool which allows recruiters to easily redeploy talent when new opportunities arise
  • Designed an easy-to-use and globally functional employee referral system which generated more than 12,000 internal visits
  • Implemented a self-scheduling system that dramatically improved recruiter productivity, and reduced initial contact time by 50%

This session is jam-packed with actionable tips on how Accenture created a truly visionary approach to engaging with the gig workforce. Don’t miss your chance to find out how you can do optimize contractor staffing.

To cater to an ever-growing global audience across multiple time zones, this recording will be available to access at any time between Monday November 4 and Friday November 29. Registration is subject to approval, and you can expect confirmation within two business days.


Christy Covington

Recruitment Associate Manager

Gregg Schneider

Business Advisory Manager

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