ERE Washington D.C.

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Location & Date

Washington, DC, United States
Oct 14-16, 2019

Reps attending

Chris Hanson

ATS Sales Manager, Central


Marc Mapes

CRM Sales Manager, South


Denise Dresler

Talent Acquisition Director


Kevin Bing

ATS Sales Manager - East


For the twelfth year, we are thrilled to sponsor one of the must-attend conferences for talent acquisition leaders. The ERE Recruiting Conference will have its fall edition in Washington, on October 14-16.

Visit the Avature team to learn all about our latest functionality on TA & onboarding technology. You will learn how these tools can help you develop a proactive approach to recruiting by building relationships with top candidates and engaging them beyond lead generation.

Join us at:

Avature Session | Agile Talent Acquisition: A simpler, faster, better model for hiring.

Location: Thurgood
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Denise Dresler, our talent acquisition director, will share Avature’s journey towards building an agile TA team. She’ll discuss specific examples of optimizing through agile iterations, setting objectives and structuring teams to work towards a better candidate and TA experience, and hiring-manager satisfaction.

The conference will give you insights on how data is changing recruiting and will also offer you the opportunity to discuss with leading practitioners the biggest challenges in talent acquisition, including how to improve the quality of your hires and processes.

We hope to see you there!