Avature Quarterly Roundup – October 2022

From UI changes to skills-focused capabilities, a lot happened in Q3! Sign up for our Roundup on October 19 to discover the latest features that hit the Avature platform.

The 2022 progress bar is already 75 percent full. And although we’ve been busy preparing for our upcoming conferences in the EU and US, the A-team hasn’t stopped working on features that continue to support our users as they pursue their strategic goals.

If we had to summarize our last three months’ enhancements, we would say they’ve been all about “putting even more power in our users’ hands.” Now, you can communicate with your candidates through an extremely popular mobile messenger app, conduct video interviews on one of today’s most used platforms, and leverage automation and AI even further to grow your skills-based approach to talent.

And that was just a teaser. On October 19, Ivo Rožić, Product Marketing Specialist, and Florencia Carotti, Account Manager, will delve into the standout enhancements that hit the Avature platform recently in the following areas:

  • Communication and Engagement: We introduced integrations with Whatsapp and Zoom to continue expanding Avature’s communication and engagement ecosystem. The benefits of the additions go two ways, allowing you to provide your candidates with experiences they are familiar with and value and simplifying your recruiters’ communication and interview planning tasks.
  • Content Management: Whether it’s updating text or replacing images, having access to an easy-to-use CMS toolkit is key to responding to your changing needs with agility. Now, as you make changes to your portals on the fly, you can preview the page in real-time and make sure everything looks on point.
  • Smart Sourcing: As recruiting and talent management continue to shift the focus from traditional qualifications to actual competencies, a new Avature feature allows parsing the title and description of job records to extract skills. This facilitates setting up the skills required for a job, which can trigger more precise AI-powered recommendations.
  • User Interface: Essential for reporting and decision-making, data should be easily accessible and organized as you prefer. Thanks to our latest UI update, users can redesign their records layout by being able to define the location of sections and combine them, as well as prioritize information as needed.

Join us for this customer-exclusive webinar and discover the latest features added to the Avature platform.

The Avature Webinars Team


Ivo Rožić

Product Marketing Specialist

Florencia Carotti

Account Manager