Live Webinar

Virtual Product Tour – Contingent Workforce Mgmt

Don't miss our 30-minute live demo to learn how you can directly source contingent talent, and the benefits this can deliver to your organization.

June 3, 2020
11:00 AM EDT | 17:00 PM CEST

Making up 40 percent of the global workforce, it is clear how important contingent workers are to today’s economy. However, despite this trend, many organizations lack a focused strategy to directly source this key labor segment, impacting on the ability to track standout contractors and associated costs, and ultimately holding them back in a competitive marketplace.

So, how can you fine-tune your processes to harness the gig economy?

Join us at our 30-minute interactive demo as James Harrison, VP Sales EMEA, and Vincenzo Fiocco, Product Marketing Specialist, share how Avature CWM can empower you to directly source contingent candidates, analyze contractor spend and cultivate pools of top, tried-and-tested talent that has already been staffed for easy redeployment.

As well as learning actionable tips on how to streamline your contingent approach, you’ll also improve KPIs such as ROI and quality of contractor.


James Harrison


Vincenzo Fiocco

Product Marketing Specialist

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