Crafting a campus talent acquisition strategy from scratch isn’t easy - but it’s crucial to attract the diverse, young talent necessary to stay competitive and innovative.

Join us for a 1-hr live webinar to discover how Novo Nordisk is leveraging Avature Campus & Events Solution to establish a strong employer brand and build a successful campus strategy.
Jill Miller will also share how focusing on candidate experience is enabling Novo Nordisk to differentiate themselves and nurture relationships with thousands of students and recent graduates.

You will have the chance to see a live demo of Avature Campus & Events Solution, and hear the Novo Nordisk recruiting story.

Join us to discover:

  • How Novo Nordisk went from a non-existing campus brand to being a sought-after graduate employer in the U.S.
  • The tools used to leverage tailored, content-rich landing pages for different events at a moment’s notice
  • Recruitment marketing techniques to engage young talent long term
  • Real-time reports and analytics that enhance your understanding of your campus recruiting efforts