In today’s highly competitive, fast paced world, time and productivity are constant worries. In HR, getting your new hires up to speed, productive, and integrated as soon as possible can give your organisation a strategic advantage.

Despite the fact that onboarding ranks #2 (after recruiting) with the highest business impact of all 22 HR practices, Hiring Managers and HR often view onboarding as an afterthought – another core process with a ton of paperwork. Yet in fact, organisations with a structured onboarding can expect to double corporate revenues as well as boost new hire success.*

Join Riges Younan, SVP APAC, and Lina Hölker, Product Marketing Analyst, to discover how a well-structured onboarding program can foster early cultural integration, drive productivity, and improve long-term employee engagement and retention. You will also have the opportunity to see a live demo of the Avature Onboard solution and discover how to:

  • Socially engage new hires with company culture, their managers, mentors and teammates even before their first day
  • Provide new hires with the right tools, resources, and information to make their first day a successful one
  • Alleviate paperwork blues, and reduce admin, printing, and shipping costs by leveraging web forms and documents
  • Speed up time-to-productivity with a self-service scheduling tool that allows employees to select time slots for orientation meetings, training, etc.
  • Extend the excitement and honeymoon phase of a new job by leveraging new hire surveys to provide timely and supportive feedback

*Source: LinkedIn