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Harness the Gig Economy

⅓ of the workforce is contingent - are you prepared for increasingly flexible talent? In this webinar you’ll discover best practices and strategic tools to increase visibility, agility, and foster engagement across your teams.

Join us to find out more about the latest Contingent Workforce Management technologies and discover:

  • How the demand for flexible work is increasing and transforming the nature of talent acquisition and talent management across all industries
  • Ways to effectively combine proactive sourcing techniques to build your own contingent talent community, and powerful segmentation tools so to quickly identify talent and match skills to projects
  • Talent networks and candidate profile pages from which they can self-schedule interviews, receive offers, update their skills and experience
  • How to provide customized and intuitive experiences for different business stakeholders (HR, HMs, agencies, and other colleagues), improving transparency and collaboration in the contingent work cycle
  • Reporting tools that enable you to enhance strategic workforce planning decisions by leveraging key workforce data: costs, performance, future availability, etc.

With the ever-present challenges associated with the ‘war for talent,’ leading organizations are not only taking a more strategic in their approach to talent acquisition and retention of employed staff but are regularly turning to the contingent workforce’s highly valuable skill sets.

Traditionally, contingent workers have remained under the purview of procurement being treated as another line item on the budget. When contract work was limited to certain industries (like construction or recurring seasonal jobs), this categorization made sense.

Today, however, flexible work is popular in an ever-growing range of industries. In order to align available skills to organizational priorities, it’s crucial for HR to have a comprehensive approach to employed and contingent talent.

At the core of hiring the best flexible talent, organizations need to leverage fit-for-purpose technology that enables them to apply a highly engaging experience from source, to hire and re-hire. The right technology empowers organizations to proactively source and engage with prospective talent. It also ensures the delivery of outstanding onboarding and work experiences while being able to handle the logistical complexities of contract employment, project-based performance review, and ongoing communication. Mastering these core capabilities decreases time-to-productivity and allows organizations to factor contingent workers into strategic planning.


Nina Jaksic

Product Marketing Specialist


David Pumpelly

VP of Enterprise Talent Solutions