Retail Recruiting

Avature In-Store is a unique hiring solution designed with store managers, for store managers.

Why Avature In-Store?

Avature In-Store solution for retail recruiting allows you to efficiently execute the entire hiring process on the job while overcoming the biggest challenges in a hiring manager’s day to day, such as finding the right employee amid high turnover rates and extremely short time to fill windows.

We knew we wanted to create efficiencies, and that the hiring process for new stores needed to be quick and efficient. We also knew that we wanted to lead with data, be diligent and establish benchmarks. With Avature this was possible, we were able to create a flexible model that we could apply to any store, and any market based on the needs of that specific hiring management team, the recruiters particularly loved the automation, it really has saved them time and reduced our time to hire."

Shanna Buxton
Talent Acquisition Manager, REI

Store Manager Site

Store Manager Dashboard

Instantly view the status of all jobs and applicants, as well as pending tasks such as interviews to be scheduled and new hires to be onboarded.

Job Creation and Management

Create jobs from scratch or save time with Avature job templates. Oversee seasonal hiring and fill evergreen positions with different talent pools on standby.

Candidate Segmentation and Search

Screen and compare a high volume of candidates based on key criteria such as shift availability or behavioral assessment score. Then use Avature one-click review functionality to quickly move candidates forward or decline them.

Interview Management

Easily schedule interviews and send automatic branded emails to prepare and remind candidates of their appointments.

Offer Management

View all offers pending candidate approval, start onboarding for candidates who accepted them, and review reasons given by candidates who rejected offers.


Leverage personalized email templates to prepare new employees for their first day, plus share the onboarding schedule and employer branding material.

Discover More

Store Manager App

Give store managers on-the-go access to the Hiring Manager Site’s key features, even while offline: Review candidates, schedule interviews, extend offers and more.

Easily Capture Retail Talent

Walk-In Candidates

  • SMS and QR code application
  • Fast Apply App

Online Candidates

  • Branded and mobile optimized career site
  • Google Maps store locator
  • Social media application and sharing
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