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Bring your agency mission to life with innovative strategic HR programs that rival those of the most successful companies in America.

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We understand that federal agencies cannot modernize and optimize their services without effective recruiting and retention programs. And that’s where we come in. Avature’s comprehensive talent solutions continuously evolve to meet the needs of the most demanding multinational companies and are capable of supporting highly competitive programs for federal customers. Our experienced team of solution architects has a wealth of experience to share and Avature’s extensive no-code configurability allows the platform to be adapted to your agency’s specific needs in a cost-effective, time-efficient and compliant manner.

Address Your Challenges Head-On

Automate Hiring Processes and Reduce Workloads

Design Rewarding Candidate Experiences that Drive Engagement and Reduce Drop-Off

Win the Attention of Highly Specialized Candidates with Robust Recruitment Marketing

Develop Internal Talent Through Employee Upskilling and Improve Retention

Why Avature?

Our talent platform of the future for the federal government delivers on all your talent demands, allowing you to create and optimize agile, digitally driven and modern HR processes quickly and easily.

  • Leverage our best-in-class workflows and industry-leading professional services to create programs that address specific talent challenges. Our always-on account management team and on-demand technical services ensure you reach initial operations capability quickly.
  • Attract the highly qualified candidates necessary for your success with a robust range of recruitment marketing and branded engagement tools.
  • Modernize your workforce retention efforts with performance, engagement and mobility programs designed to accelerate employee up-skilling and development.
  • Consolidate your data across multiple solutions to enhance stakeholder experiences and improve reporting and analysis.
  • Maintain the highest security standards. Avature is NIST 800-56 v5 compliant and FedRamp ready.

A Talent Platform Designed to Help You Evolve

Source Agency-Ready Talent

Nurture long-term relationships and bring your employer brand to life with best-in-class candidate sourcing and engagement tools.

  • Use advanced candidate search workflows to build rich talent pipelines
  • Drive candidate engagement with branded recruitment marketing tools
  • Monitor strategies and identify bottlenecks with KPI reports and dashboards
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Modernize Hiring Processes

Automate tasks and streamline time-to-hire with the speed and precision needed to stay ahead of private sector competition.

  • Swap cumbersome application processes for a modern candidate experience
  • Adapt your recruiting process to the times with Avature Video Interview
  • Easily track candidate interactions with a centralized record database
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Transform Talent Mobility

Improve retention and close the skills gap by providing your employees with flexible career paths and development opportunities.

  • Close workforce skills gap with skills matching and personalized training
  • Identify flight risks and prevent private sector employee poaching
  • Increase internal opportunity visibility with robust talent marketplaces
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