Q2 2022

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Another three months have gone by, which means it’s time to look back at the most impactful features and enhancements that hit the Avature platform in Q2.

New Record Design and Improved Contact Info Management

#UI #Architecture

We have revamped our records’ UI to continue improving their user-friendliness. With new icons and an optimized panel layout in records, users can now see the most relevant information and frequently used actions at a glance. Also, as part of our improvements, we have added a new Contact Info panel in the header of person and company records. The panel contains dedicated icons for each type of contact info, making it more intuitive and quicker to tap into contact details and other related actions.

AI-Powered Applicant Ranking

#AI #SmartAutomation

Customers can now leverage Avature’s AI capabilities to screen candidates linked to a job and identify best matches faster. The feature ranks candidates according to their compatibility with the job, which is based on the similarities between the job requisition and the candidate’s skills and most recent position. Recruiters are presented with a scored list of the candidates, helping avoid the time-consuming task of manually sorting through and assessing each profile without relinquishing their control over decision-making.


Theme Builder for Landing Pages Enhancements

#LandingPages #ContentManagement

As we develop more tools that continue empowering our users when creating unique themes and landing pages with Avature, these are the three latest advancements that hit our Theme Builder for Landing Pages:

  • Users can now increase their brand presence online with the Add a Favicon feature.
  • With the new Configure the Maximum Width of Containers feature, users have more design flexibility to choose the maximum width and the unit of measurement for containers in their landing pages.
  • To make their landing pages even more accessible, users can now leverage the Add Alternative Text feature and include alternative text for images. Alt text helps visually impaired users understand the purpose of the images displayed and access all the information provided on a landing page.

Send Email Drip Campaigns

#Communication #Engagement

Avature users can now send drip campaigns directly from their instance. As of this quarter, these sophisticated campaigns can be easily scheduled to send emails automatically based on several conditions, such as whether the recipient opened a previous email in the campaign or clicked a link. Because the emails sent out in the campaign depend on the recipient’s behavior, this enhancement increases the personalization of our users’ recruitment marketing efforts.

Workflows Enhancements

#Workflows #UI #Architecture

In Q2, we continued expanding our automation capabilities. Our two latest developments increase our workflows’ configurability and provide our users with more flexibility to unlock new use cases:

  • New Options to Link Person to Another Job: Users now have more flexibility when linking a person to a job within a workflow action configuration. The record picker field can now be used within a table, single or multiple option field.
  • Configure Ownership in Workflows: As of this quarter, when users edit a workflow, they can select an owner different from the one stated when the workflow was created. This enhancement increases transparency and makes it possible to transfer ownership as needed.


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