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What’s New in Avature – APAC Edition

Looking forward to learning more about the new features we’ve been working on in the Avature platform?

June 3, 2021
11:00 CST | 13:00 AEST

Uncertainty has certainly been in style this past year but you can count on us to bring you some sense of normalcy with all the updates this quarter has to offer. 

Join Fei Teng, Product Marketing Specialist, and Antoni Sukic, Account Manager, as they take you on a journey where they’ll highlight the hottest new features you can put to work in our latest “What’s New in Avature” webinar:

  • With a more clear view of the times ahead, interviews are starting to get back on track and recruiters are sourcing their candidates, keeping a close eye on their skills. If only you could parse resumes for skills to make the day a bit easier. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.
  • Calendar enhancements are always a welcome addition to any recruiter’s toolbox, improving the collaboration with stakeholders’ throughout a candidate’s journey by allowing them to customize and manage their daily schedules. 
  • Searching capabilities in portals have also been revamped to help you out when it comes to leveraging your existing talent pool! 
  • And now, you can also boost employee engagement through DNA Home, tailoring and targeting posts to your specific needs as well as displaying ads in groups: promote an event or even a new job position that could be the next step for one of your employees in their career path!

So if you want to dive into everything new in Avature and see how you can make the most of it all, don’t miss out on this customer-only webinar! 


Fei Teng

Product Marketing Specialist

Antoni Sukic

Account Manager

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