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What’s New in Avature

It's that time of the year again! When you hear from expert Avaturians about the latest releases and how to make the most of them.

Summer’s over and while you were (hopefully) enjoying a well-deserved vacation, Avature was hard at work putting together a new edition of What’s New at Avature so that you’d have everything you need to get back and knock it out of the park! To make sure you do that, in this session, we’ll go over our latest releases to guarantee you can truly capitalize on our functionalities. 

Join Product Marketing Specialist Sabrina Ayi and Strategic Account Manager Merlin Hodzhova on October 20 as they fill you in on the latest features, including:

  • The Portal Content Editor, an exciting enhancement that will empower you to edit content in your portals without any HTML or CSS knowledge
  • Further automation for your recruitment tasks, such as workflows triggered by date tables
  • AI-supported advanced searches and suggestions in different languages
  • UI enhancements such as File Viewer and Post Code Filter, a feature that helps you search and segment your talent pools
  • New labels and display filters for exported reports

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Sabrina Ayi

Product Marketing Specialist

Merlin Hodzhova

Strategic Account Manager