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Strategic HR In Action

Leaders & practitioners will share how they are leveraging technology to tackle some of their biggest talent acquisition and talent management challenges.

Agenda for Day 1 (Strategic HR in Action)

  • Agility in uncertain times: How Specsavers leverages Avature in the new normal

COVID-19 caused many companies to put their long-term plans on hold. But many organizations are currently renewing and implementing these projects once again. Join Kenneth Renneberg, Head of Recruitment Data & Systems at Specsavers, as he examines the challenges of the new reality, the structural changes of his company at the moment and why Avature might just be the agile and adaptable solution to get your company through the pandemic and beyond.

  • Baloise Revolutionize Employee Referral Results With Strategy Revamp

Join Timm Suess, Talent Acquisition & Analytics Manager at Baloise, one of the largest Swiss all-industry insurance service providers, to learn how they stimulated referral activity by breaking with traditional referral conventions, and how Avature helped to streamline the process.

Learn how they went from having an employee referral program largely unknown to the majority of their workforce, to an impressive 25 percent of all hires coming from referrals. Don’t miss Timm as he runs you through their story from addressing initial challenges, to the solutions they implemented to overcome them and what effect that had on engagement in the program.

  • How Deutsche Bahn is Creating Experiences Custom-fit for New Hires and Hiring Managers

Deutsche Bahn is always evolving and finding ways to improve the recruiting experience. First, they leveraged automation and centralization to promote data-driven decision-making and strategic alignment. This transformed the experience of recruiters. Now, they’re transforming the experience of new hires and hiring managers. Join Melanie Krüger, Head of Strategic Employee Development and Junior Employee Policy and Philipp Wenner, Senior Expert Employee Development Policy, to discover what Deutsche Bahn’s new onboarding experience is like and how their Hiring Manager Portal is keeping managers engaged from start to finish.

  • Not lost in translation: How WilsonHCG helped Astellas expand into international markets

Going through a multi-country international growth program is hard. But doing it amid a global pandemic seems almost impossible. Think language barriers, contrasting cultures and local regulations, just to name a few obstacles. But that was precisely the challenge that Astellas Pharma and Wilson HCG decided to tackle together earlier this year. Join Craig Sweeney, SVP Global Strategic Solutions at Wilson HCG, and Jason Carter, Associate Director EMEA Talent Acquisition at Astellas Pharma, as they explain how joining forces made the pharmaceutical company’s expansion possible and why Avature’s flexibility was the key to their success.


Craig Sweeney

Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Talent Solutions


Dimitri Boylan



Jason Carter

Associate Director EMEA Talent Acquisition


Kenneth Renneberg

Head of Recruitment Data & Systems Northern Europe


Melanie Krüger

Head of Strategic Employee Development and Junior Employee Policy

Deutsche Bahn

Philipp Wenner

Senior Expert Employee Development Policy

Deutsche Bahn

Timm Suess

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition & Analytics

Baloise Group

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