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Live Webinar

Building Talent Intelligence to Win Federal Contracts

Discover ways to confront the 5 biggest challenges of U.S. federal contract proposal recruitment.

Aug 23, 2018

The billions of dollars at stake within U.S. federal service contracts make those bidding wars arguably the world’s largest talent competition. Producing competitive proposals is an exhaustive, collaborative effort to deliver qualified talent. It is most challenging to do so at the best price and under strict deadlines without compromising performance or profitability standards.

Your people are what set you apart: having the right talent on your team can make or break your bid. However, the lengthy contracting process (including the constant push and pull between business development and recruitment) can prove detrimental to securing and engaging the best candidates for each proposal.

Complications also tend to arise when attempting to prioritize reachable deadlines, accessing the right talent, and evaluating whether a bid is worth your while. With multiple bids, the obstacles can expand exponentially.

During this hour-long webinar, Aaron McElroy will combine his 15 years of government contracting experience and deep knowledge of Avature to show you how your talent acquisition teams can take a more proactive role in your company’s growth and profitability by better addressing the hurdles of proposal recruiting. The live webinar will address the following difficulties talent acquisition teams face:

  • How do I recognize whether a bid is worth my time?
  • In what ways can I improve collaboration between business development and recruitment stakeholders?
  • What sourcing methods can I implement to start recruiting more effectively?
  • How do I manage the administrative burdens (such as creating letters of intent, handling resumes, and reaching proposal deadlines)?
  • How do I keep top candidates engaged while waiting?


Aaron McElroy

Sales Director, Avature Federal


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