AI Series / Part 2: A Match Made in Heaven

Watch part two of an exciting two-part webinar series focusing on the hottest topics in the HR space at the moment, skills matching and AI.

When a recruiter reviews a resume or a candidate reads a job description they do far more than just look for keywords. They take into account the context and the meaning of words. 

Matching the right candidate to the right job, especially at a scale, is precisely where the biggest challenge lies. Recruiters can only review so many candidates at a time and candidates themselves often miss opportunities they would be perfect for.

AI is helping companies overcome this hurdle by creating systems that understand the intent of candidates and recruiters alike. Jan Seevogel and Vincenzo Fiocco explain how tools like semantic search, career site recommendations and candidate-to-job matching, to name a few, can help you reduce the time and resources it takes to find the perfect candidate.

Moreover, they  go in-depth into how these exciting new technologies work and explain how our white-box approach keeps recruiting AI under your control by allowing recruiters to customize AI-powered results on the fly.



Jan Seevogel

SVP Europe

Vincenzo Fiocco

Product Marketing Specialist

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