Cultivating Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World


According to WBR Insights, before the COVID-19 pandemic came knocking on the door, HR managers were already in the fray, facing challenges related to increasing market consolidation, changes in public policy and the rise of new technologies. Now that employees have become familiar with the new work models, it’s time to rethink how to face the demands of post-pandemic life.

Organizations are no longer struggling to survive in the current scenario, but rather to go a step further and leverage the opportunities that have emerged for every industry. This WBR Insights report reveals which approaches some companies are strategically evaluating or adopting in order to overcome this challenge, including leadership diversification, automation and new technologies, skills-based hiring and employee development.

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  • How analytics, AI, automation and other technologies can simplify your HR processes.
  • About the importance of a strategy that includes diversity, equity and inclusion as core elements.
  • How learning and development L&D are essential when seeking leadership and internal growth.
  • Which are the best methods to improve talent acquisition strategies.