It takes a village to hire talent – at least if you consider all of the different stakeholders involved – from candidates to hiring managers and more. Talent acquisition teams provide a key service to the business, and they need transparency and collaboration between many different groups of people to function optimally.

Without a positive experience for all stakeholders involved in hiring, talent acquisition performance may suffer. We recently were joined by Richard Monastersky, VP of Talent Acquisition at CBS Corporation, to discuss how they have addressed their past TA and HR challenges and how they have transformed the stakeholders’ experiences at CBS, using Avature.

Challenges and solutions

CBS Corporation has a wide range of business units that are run as independent organizations. One of the issues for CBS was the lack of flexibility their previous ATS offered, which prevented them from delivering an engaging experience to their stakeholders and from meeting the company’s compliance requirements.

The ATS that we had before Avature was one of the big boxes, scattered to all of our business units… There was very little follow up, no consistency across the businesses – everyone did their own thing. There was very little communication and compliance, so it was impossible to have any kind of applicant/candidate experience. Avature has allowed us to turn that around.”

– Richard Monastersky, CBS


With Avature, CBS created customized career sites for their different business units. This allows them to provide a tailored and fully branded experience to candidates when they apply. CBS also has leveraged Avature CRM to build multiple talent pools for groups such as veterans and students as a way to engage them ahead of business demand. Therefore, when there is an open position, recruiters can use these talent pools as a source to find qualified candidates.

It allows us to track these people, once they enter the applicant tracking system, and in a marketing mentality, we can break them into different interest categories and send them emails that fit their interests…Flexibility, efficiency, ease and as little touch points as possible.”

– Richard Monastersky, CBS

At each touch point with the candidate, CBS provides a fully branded and mobile-optimized experience that boosts candidate engagement from the beginning of the process to the final offer and onboarding stages.

Richard shared that CBS has managed to streamline the application process, resulting in a 39% reduction in application drop-off rate, and they have improved the candidate experience by 42% according to candidate experience surveys.

Hiring Managers

The relationships with hiring managers are ranked as the number one driver of talent acquisition performance according to Bersin 2014, which emphasizes the importance of improving these relationships. Prior to implementing Avature ATS, CBS had a difficult time managing their hiring managers:

Hiring managers had massive amounts of paper from HR, and they wouldn’t have an ounce of understanding of how to get into the system. Everything was on paper, and there was very little ability to do any tracking, communication, compliance on the old system.”

– Richard Monastersky, CBS

CBS implemented an easy-to-use hiring manager portal so that hiring managers could have a single, centralized tool that was independent of the actual ATS to review resumes and track the interview, screening, offer and hiring process from beginning to end. Using the portal, hiring managers now see the status of every requisition that they are involved in, and they submit new job openings to the recruiters. CBS was happy to report a 98% adoption of the recruiting process using the portal and has better equipped hiring managers.


When using their previous ATS, CBS were experiencing low adoption rates and poor recruiting compliance so they wanted to implement an applicant tracking system that would increase recruiter efficiency. Using Avature, recruiters are now able to visualize key metrics related to their daily tasks and also easily navigate their candidates and prospects in their talent pools. They have powerful search capabilities to easily segment their candidate database and highly automated workflows that let them focus on value-adding tasks as opposed to strictly operational tasks.

It’s all about efficiency. Some [recruiters] use keyword search etc. but there’s nothing better than taking a glance at a résumé… It’s a tool for hiring managers, heads of HR for each of the business units for their particular division. And they have all of the information at their fingertips. It’s very quick.“

– Richard Monastersky, CBS

In Avature, communication is made easy. Every engagement with a candidate is recorded in the journal of their person record. In addition, recruiters have their own overview based on role, where they can easily see the status of their communications with both candidates and recruiters – providing constant visibility of their recruiting activities in across different talent pools or pipelines, and streamlining the entire process.

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