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How Pontoon Revamped Performance Management


Recent research has shown a worrying disconnect when it comes to performance management. While it has long been clear that a focused strategy improves efficiency and innovation, a recent Deloitte study highlighted that only 38 percent of the modern workforce believe that their annual reviews are driving professional development.

Seeking to buck this trend, Pontoon digitized their paper-based system. This proved to be the catalyst to driving employee engagement, as the platform empowered individuals to perform a greater variety of key actions, such as agile goal management and requesting feedback from peers. The ambitious vision also gave HR teams instant access to a wealth of employee information, thus reducing the impact of time-consuming tasks, and improving the integrity of data and reporting.

About Pontoon

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fl, Pontoon is an HR outsourcing company and a global business unit of The Adecco Group. Offering MSP and RXO orientated services, they conduct business in over 100 countries with approximately 2,000 staff worldwide.

A Vision For Revamping Performance Management

As their workforce grew to span 35 countries, Pontoon’s HR teams were hampered from a disjointed, paper-based approach to talent management, meaning there was no effective way to track or share employee records. To rectify this, Pontoon leveraged Avature to build a single, digitized platform which would allow instant access to crucial information such as employee titles, skills and salaries. Not only would this reduce the burden of time-consuming tasks, but would also improve the quality of data, reporting and cross-team communication.

This ambitious vision would also allow Pontoon to move away from a one-dimensional, tick-box-oriented performance management process to create a more dynamic approach. In a fast-moving talent landscape, this is crucial: employee engagement is suffering from outdated practices such as infrequent feedback, rigid review schedules and static goal-setting.

“There are times where you need to break things even if they work fine. Just because something has always been done a certain way that doesn’t mean it can’t be done better and drive more impact.”

Terri Lewis- Global Head of Human Resources - Pontoon

Implementing An Agile Employee Engagement Strategy

As Pontoon took bold steps to revamp their engagement processes, they harnessed the flexibility of Avature to facilitate a greater variety of actions across three key areas:

  • Employee Experience: real-time dashboards would give individuals instant access to their goals, feedback history and check-in notes. They would also be able to request feedback from multiple sources, rather than just their managers.
  • Manager Experience: armed with a complete rundown of their teams, managers would have the ability to zero in on key information including career aspirations and skills. They would also be able to review important aspects such as growth potential, flight risk and impact of loss to the company.
  • HR Team Experience: with a single, global platform, HR teams can get a comprehensive overview of the status of company-wide goals. This is complemented by the ability to filter by various criteria, such as location, for forensic-level detail on key worldwide initiatives.

To handle the disruption of such a major overhaul, Pontoon phased in different segments gradually. They started with agile goal setting, which would enable objectives to be established at any time, rather than observing a fixed schedule.

This was followed up by the introduction of informal check-ins, which would enable employees to receive 360-degree feedback from peers. In an effort to constantly fine-tune their talent management platform, Pontoon continuously leverage Avature enhancements to streamline the experience for all stakeholders.

The Advantages of Dynamic Talent Management

With a revamped performance management system in place, Pontoon soon began to see a wide range of far-reaching benefits:

  • Centralized Databank: the single, digitized platform of employee records means that individuals have a wealth of granular information at their fingertips. Thus saving time and improving the integrity of reporting.
  • Better Performance: the new approach of agile goal management has seen employees more motivated by relevant and real-time targets, rather than static initiatives that quickly become outdated.
    Improved Engagement: employees have responded positively to the integration of 360-degree recognition and continuous feedback, which has driven a noticeable increase in professional development.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience: internal surveys into the workforce have shown a significant uptick in engagement. This across the board satisfaction is mirrored by proven ease of use of the new platform, in which there were only 14 outreaches to technical support after 6,300 goals set.

What Pontoon have achieved by streamlining employee engagement is nothing short of inspiring. The new platform has proved to be the catalyst to driving their workforce forwards, and also key in attracting top talent to join their ranks. After such a game-changing evolution, it is safe to say that the future is looking bright at Pontoon.