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How Colonial Life Tailored its Recruitment System


Colonial Life transformed its reactive, varied, and paper-based recruiting model to a seamless talent acquisition platform that combines CRM, ATS, and Referral solutions with stakeholder-specific tools and reporting capabilities. Colonial Life has risen above previous challenges and built a highly-customized, all-in-one recruiting solution that is adaptable to each of its territories, while also enabling standardized, organization-wide tracking necessary for a high-compliance insurance company.

This revolution allowed for Colonial Life to source 500,000 candidates in 8 months for high-volume positions and gain deeper insights into where candidates come from, where they are in the recruiting process, and what is being communicated to them.

About Colonial Life

Founded in 1937, Colonial Life serves US employers in helping to protect their employees with benefits and enrollment services. Now a subsidiary of Unum Group, their team of more than 10,000 sales representatives and 1,000 home office professionals serves more than 3.7 million people in over 90,000 companies and organizations.

The Recruiting Landscape Before Avature

Large Contractor Workforce Creates Adoption Challenges
Colonial Life has a unique sales workforce made up of independent contractors spread across their 47 territories and a small-but-mighty team of full-time employees in their central office who support these contractors. As these independent contractors work on building their businesses of selling Colonial Life products, recruitment efforts to assist in sales fell to the bottom of the priority list. Every contractor had their own, specific recruitment and documentation process and therefore Colonial Life’s territory offices faced challenges with coaching and supporting them since they lacked the data they needed to understand these processes and identify possible gaps.

Difficulties Tracking Compliance Data
The lack of oversight was particularly problematic in tracking data because, as an insurance company, Colonial Life had an even greater need to stay compliant in today’s changing landscape. Historical records didn’t exist and once contractors left the company, that meant others who took their place had to start from scratch. Ultimately, because Colonial Life did not have a CRM or ATS system that digitally and centrally stored this information, they had no clear view of the communications that were being sent to candidates or who was in the pipeline.


Moving away from managing spreadsheets and manual processes, Colonial Life launched a new recruitment platform with Avature as a solution to its many needs. With Avature’s CRM and ATS solutions as well as Career, Referrals, and Hiring Manager sites, Colonial Life enabled easier access to centralized information for the company.

Tailored Sites for Each Stakeholder
Colonial Life uses different types of portals to leverage Avature technology for its workforce and allow for easier adoption. The highly customized career site creates a streamlined, straightforward application process for candidates with very few required fields.

In addition, the referral portal has become integral to tracking the number one source of top candidates. Colonial Life now has the ability to collect these referrals in a universal database which it uses as part of referral contests to increase engagement.

With the manager’s portal, Colonial Life was able to consolidate all key tasks for their territory managers, like calling and following up with candidates, viewing resumes, and tracking emails, into an online one-stop shop. These sites are dedicated to the different types of stakeholders and keep those different stakeholders engaged in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Automate Administrative Tasks to Focus on Talent Strategy
Previously at Colonial Life, recruiters and hiring managers spent a lot of time checking in on each other for updates on how candidates were advancing. Now with Avature, independent sales managers use personalized sites to identify where current and past candidates are in the process. In turn, recruiters can also track progress in real-time in the back-end and see reports on who is following up with candidates and who is not.

Furthermore, recruiters receive alerts based on applications submitted through the career site in their specific territory. This enables them to more effectively follow-up, move candidates through the system and stay up-to-date on key tasks that ultimately help people begin their careers with Colonial Life more quickly.

“Our tools have to make recruiting simple, be user-friendly, and require minimal training that they could pick up very easily and run with it. For these reasons, we chose Avature.”

Lauren Addy, National Recruiting Director, Colonial Life


Increased Levels of Adoption
Within less than a year, 140 of the 500 contractor managers actively use the Avature Manager Portal. As independent contractors who are not mandated to do anything, “it speaks volumes on the product,” says National Recruiting Director, Lauren Addy. With 20,000+ logins, and more than 500+ users, the solution has progressed more than 17,000 candidates through the portal and 320 individuals have been contracted or are currently in the licensing process.

And the increased adoption is set to progress as Colonial Life continues to add more Avature solutions to support their organization including a time slot portal for automatic interview scheduling, an events portal for college recruiting efforts, and a CRM dashboard for territory managers with an emphasis on reporting.