Avature SIM

Combines all the essential features of a successful social network with Avature’s customizable solutions for real business collaboration.

Social Intranet

Engage the entire workforce for greater collaboration.

Allow employees to create personalized profile pages, and ad-hoc groups, and social networks.

Build searchable relationship maps, organizational structures, and timelines.

Support tagging, searching, endorsing, and following.

Provide workspaces for sharing and managing information, including documents.

Facilitate communication with individual and group chat.

Connect with public social networks for interaction with partners, suppliers, and other non-employees.

Employee Mobility

Develop internal talent pools and create socially oriented on-boarding processes for new hires.

Process people in and out of key positions across the globe using Avature workflows.

Use message templates and powerful segmentation tools to deliver branded communication to target audiences.

Deliver documents for e-signature and accept and process signed documents on or off-line.

Manage and maintain a complete audit trail of all communication, authorizations, and approvals for each employee.

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Gartner 'Cool Vendor' 2010

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